Key Details Course Content

Level 1
  • 7 basic steps of facial Reflexology
  • 21 points facial individual use of neurovascular
  • Aboriginal areas / analysis process
  • Nervous system areas
  • Coordination of treatment according to analysis of blocks in the face tissue
  • The nerve impulse transmission in reflexology
  • Protocol of treatment of cranial nerves
  • Practice
  • Tests
  • Meridianlogy
  • Oriental & Tibetan meridians philosophy including their ramifications and interrelations with areas / points on the face / skull / muscles / brain/ body system and hormone system
  • Plexus balancing
  • Manual cranial puncture
  • Practical work
  • Tests
  • Basic and applied neuroscience
  • The 564 neurological points on the face
  • Coordination of neurological points with basic treatment
  • Auto-stimulation with neurological points
  • Castillo muscle stimulation
  • Visual analysis
  • How to perform my exam case
  • Practical work
  • Tests
  • Yamamoto method
  • Link intestinal method
  • How to start on my clinic
  • Practical work
  • Tests
  • Treatment for acute pain
  • Building treatment plans
  • The treatment plan is an important tool and students will train to organize perfect plans for a number of symptoms / disorders
  • Focus on and review of the facial muscle anatomy
  • The facial muscle anatomy
  • New Yamamoto technique
  • Practical work
  • Tests
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Important information for British students

To meet the English regulations for reflexologists and insurance issues in England, British students who have no background in reflexology need to complete 2 Hands-on training days of min. 7 hours each, with a local instructor. British students who are qualified reflexologists need to complete Hands-on training day of min. 7 hours.
Students will receive a certificate for the training day(s).
To obtain the Final Diploma students must complete the training day.
Students will arrange with the local instructor about the day and time.

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