Lone has developed this therapy since 1978 of personal research and practical implementation throughout her entire international organization and Lone is obtaining effective results in many illnesses and dysfunctions.

Lone is an educated therapist in reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology and Neurology since 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark and also studied CranioSacral therapy in Germany in 1983 and serves as a therapist since then.

She is the kind of ‘saint’ who travels 340 days a year to teach people on all continents the techniques to maintain the health and balance of the whole body.

At the present time, Lone Sorensen is the owner of the International schools of Reflex therapy and teaches with 32 instructors her patented concept of Reflex therapy in schools in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England, Poland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Germany, Holland, Adu Dhabi, Oman, Japan, USA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Argentina and Jordan.




The story of a strong woman who has gone through difficult times in life
By the Power of Light, excerpts from my travels

Print edition 400 pages

This book is written for everyone - women, men, young and old. Its aim is to show that, no matter how hopeless you might feel, you can turn every situation around by using the power of the mind.