The Facial Reflex Therapy Diploma Course by Lone Sorensen consists of 5 modules total 118 hours education

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The Facial Reflex Therapy Course webinar consists of 5 easy to follow Modules

What is Facial Reflex Therapy?

Facial Reflex Therapy sorensensistem™ developed by Lone Sorensen during 40 years, can be defined as a reflex technique based on the neuro bio-chemical action resulting from the stimulation of an area or point on the face which has a general or partial effect on various areas of the entire body. Facial Reflex Therapy is based on seven steps that involve the observation and stimulation of various facial areas.

The full course consists of 52,5 hours of intensive online teaching and 16 Hands-on training. Each module contains tests. The full course is totally (included test and individual hands om training) total 118 hours.

You will submit the tests via our online form on each module’s page. Once approved, you get access to the next module. If you want to work professionally using Facial Reflex Therapy, one case study consisting of a minimum of 10 treatments is also required, in addition to passing your written exam to receive your Diploma.

British students, please read the notification at the bottom of this page.

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Instead of $3347 you only pay $1999

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