Hands on with Lone in Barcelona (Only for online students of Facial or Foot Reflex Therapy 5 modules)

Improve your manual practice 

Hands on with Lone in Barcelona 

If you really want to improve your professional performance you can sign up for the Facial Reflex Therapy 5 modules. For any student of distance or online course. Also for students of TCM Foot Reflex Therapy. Two days in the beautifull city of Barcelona, you can practice and learn directly from the specialist Lone Sorensen.

Next dates 

To registrate for the next Hands on with Lone in Barcelona, please send an email to info@internationarefexology.com or to support@facialreexologyschool.com, minimum 4 weeks before the dates:


May 1st and 2nd 

9.30 AM to 5.30PM


December dates to confirm soon

9.30 AM to 5.30PM

Do not miss this unique opportunity, you will learn , refresh your knowledge, practice and increase your productivity!

Please note that travel and accomodation is not included.

Now that we've outlined a few of the great advantages of studing Facial Reflex Therapy in the video above, let's take a look at the benefits of this fantastic course!, below.


So much value in two days!

"I am amazed with how much information I was able to gain from this 2 days in Barcelona. Lone Sorensen is a great teacher and therapist, I also could improve my practice and took a lot of benefits from her!!" 

Stacy H.

Hands on with Lone in Barcelona (Only for students of Facial or Foot Reflex Therapy 5 modules) worth $500