Summer Online International Reflexology School

The NEW Certificated Summer program for all international students

Lone Sorensen teaches online, and students have access to all course materials and videos. You can study at your own pace.

The International Institute offers advanced training by building strengths and engaging students trained in Facial Reflexology and other therapies from the Sorensen System Method.
Lone Sorensen created the content as an invitation to learn more deeply about topics that are challenging from content, methodology, and practical perspectives in primary education.

  • Instant Access
  • 21 hours of education
  • Free access to the personal member's area and access to replays and materials for a lifetime
  • Download pages of colorful, updated teaching material
  • Personal support Lone Sorensen
  • Exam cases


You can study at your own pace. The complete course is always available in the member`s area.

Value for 4 lessons 226 USD

Themes are selected from content in pre-existing education of Facial Reflexology to go deeper into topics from the knowledge of Facial Reflexology.

About Cause and Effect.

A concept that deals with dysfunctions affecting several central organs, such as the heart, brain, lungs, muscles, and joints, which are long overdue to develop symptoms and illness—examples of techniques from Facial Reflexology and additional techniques to balance.

Muscles And Skeleton.

Understanding of muscle/skeleton related to the Central Nerve System and meridians, as well as the application of techniques of Facial Reflexology additional techniques to treat muscle and skeletal problems. Facial Muscles are associated with CNS and meridians.

The Brain.

Gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the brain that are essential to the well-being of everyday life and how different brain areas can work together effectively by stimulating Facial Reflexology through additional methods.

Visual Analysis.

Physical imbalances and illness affect the body and manifest themselves in wrinkles, deep or fine lines, and other signs of the skin in different areas of the face. But thoughts, feelings, and stress also affect the body and thus signs in the face.
Learn to analyze facial signs such as wrinkles, lines, and other facial signs.
a- physical signs
b- emotional signs


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