Explore a New Path

In Health and Wellness with Facial

Neuro Reflexology!


Friday, May 17th • 7 pm CEST

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Lone Sorensen

Special Guest

Mariga Sheedy

Discover a New Path in Health and Wellness with Facial-Neuro Reflexology

What to Expect:

  • Introduction to Facial-Neuro Reflexology

Learn how this innovative approach can offer more than traditional practices, focusing on healing and wellness.

  • Success Stories

Hear firsthand from one of our most successful students, who transitioned from a cosmetic therapist to a specialist in treating illnesses through Facial-Neuro Reflexology. Her inspiring journey didn’t stop there; she’s now thriving as our lead instructor in Ireland.

  • Training Opportunities

Discover our training offers, which equip you with the skills to transform your career and profoundly impact lives.

This session is perfect for those looking to make a significant career change or add a valuable skill set to their professional toolkit. Whether you're just curious or seriously considering a career shift, this meeting will provide you with all the information you need to take the next step.

Spaces are limited, so register soon to secure your place in this transformative event. We can't wait to welcome you and explore how Facial-Neuro Reflexology can reshape your career and life.

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