Consciousness with Facial Reflexology

Learn a NEW Facial Reflexology Method Lone Sorensen

A Life-Changing Access to Consciousness 

Sitges, Spain 2024

April 25th - 27th, 2024

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The event will take place in Sitges, Spain. Sitges is a beautiful beach city located 20 min.

From Barcelona´s International Airport, Sunway Hotel SPA & GOLF, Sitges


Date: April 25th - 27th, 2024
Lunch included
Hour: 9.30 am - 5.00 pm (all days)


Access to Consciousness with Facial Reflexology
Price 856,00 USD


Attendees are requested to find and book their accommodation. Would you like to stay in the SUNWAY SPA & GOLF Hotel?

If you wish to stay someplace else, Sitges offers a wide range of accommodations for all tastes and budgets.

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What will you learn during the course, days 1, 2, 3

  • The theory of the Brodmann brain areas is related to the human mind.
  • Understanding the theory of the nerve plexuses and their connection to emotions and behaviors.
  • Techniques for stimulating and balancing the brain by targeting neuro-areas and points on the face and hands to bring about changes in frequencies and redirect habits, behaviors, and thought patterns, ultimately enhancing awareness, understanding, and guiding personal changes in needs, behaviors, and attitudes. -Innovative manual techniques for accessing and connecting the brain and nerve plexus through neuro-areas on the scalp, face, and hands.
  • A unique combination of points and areas associated with the brain, the central nervous system (including the 7 nerve plexus versus chakras), cellular memory, and the storage of frequencies related to thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, and beliefs.
  • The ability to integrate this method with other holistic approaches such as Yoga, body massage, bodywork, coaching, reflexology, and psychology. This method can also be easily applied to children in school, within your family, and even for self-care.
  • Tools to assist your clients with neuronal music, movements, and self-care practices at home.
  • Strategies for organizing treatment protocols tailored to your client's individual needs.
  • Practical techniques for helping children using this method.

    Day 3:
    In the morning, we will head to the beach to explore and practice new methods, including A workshop featuring guided exercises in the brain gym.
    Lunch will be included with the group.

Learn a life-changing method to complement your technique, bring it into treatments, yoga classes, children in school, nursing homes, and hospitals, and help your family and yourself.

The Access to Consciousness Method of Facial Reflexology by Lone Sorensen is a method that can assist people's emotional challenges by changing the frequencies of the brain, which can help to increase awareness, understanding, and rewire one's own needs, behaviors, and attitudes.

This method can be used in children and adults but can also be applied as a self-help method.
The Access to Consciousness Method of Facial Reflexology is based on Tibetan medicine and the philosophy of Tibetan meditation. It coordinates manual stimulation of points and areas for the plexus nerve reflexes with specific areas in the brain to reshape habits, behavior, and thought patterns.

This method comprises a gentle touch technique that complements Lone Sorensen's original facial and Hands Reflexology Method.

What is Facial- and Hand Reflexology Lone Sorensen
The original Facial and Hand Reflexology Method by Lone Sorensen consists of 710 points and areas on the head and scalp and 382 points on the hands.

A specific group of these points and areas related to the brain, the central nervous system - including the 7 nerves plexus versus chakras- and the cell memory and store frequencies of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, and beliefs.

The Access to Consciousness Method of Facial Reflexology focuses on stimulating these specific points and areas. It can help facilitate the liberation of stress, pain, and trauma, which in turn promotes a more positive attitude toward life.

Tibetan medicine and the philosophy of Tibetan meditation have been officially researched by neuroscience for the last 10 years.

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