Unlock the Secrets of the Mind: Neuroscience-Facial Reflexology Course

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Lone Sorensen


Learn to Master the Mind with

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Lone Sorensen

The course Master the Mind with Neuro Reflexology of Face and Hands will provide you with some overall strategies on how to work with this method in practice.

You will learn concrete manual methods to work with the imbalance of the mind and the connection between the Mind-Body that can be used as a new treatment modality for your clients.

This method is a fantastic tool that works alone but is also a perfect combination with traditional reflexology, and bodywork of all kinds.

A method that is also an excellent tool for combination with psychotherapy and health and wellness coaching.

Learn 9 steps natural manual method to help your clients with mastering the mind with Neuro-Reflexology from face and hand.

How to guide and balance the brain

  • to pay better attention
  • to take a decision
  • to take control over the mind
  • to strengthen planning
  • to control own behaviour
  • to turn negative thinking into positive
  • to obtain personal goals
  • to boost motivation
  • to self-confidence

    How to guide and balance the brain to communicate with the body.

    It is possible to obtain optimal function and harmony in all systems and the brain with Neuro Reflexology!

    Obtaining better communication between all the systems and organs of the body to constantly be in communicating with one another.

Content of the course:

The background of the Neuroscience and the Tibetan School of Medicine-the concept of cause and effect.

Overall strategies and client's treatment protocols mastering the mind.

Manual stimulation with Methods of Facial- and Hand Neuro-Reflexology to balance the connection and biofeedback between:

  • the frontal lobe
  • the limbic system
  • the Insula
  • the corpus callosum

    Manual stimulation for
    -the somatosensory cortex

    Manual stimulation for the chemistry of the Body-Brain communication.

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10 CE Hours Professional Diploma

Exploring Neuroscience & Tibetan Medicine: Cause & Effect

Mastering the Mind: Strategies & Treatment Protocols