Neuro Magnetic Pen Course 

Professional course: Analysis and treatments with the Neuro Magnetic Pen for the face, hand, foot Neuro Reflexology, ear, and body.

The course is divided into 4 modules of 2.30 hours each and contains the following:

  • Musculoskeletal system, incl. dermatome theory.
  • Hormone and immune system.
  • Vital organs and the organs of the sense
  • Trauma and emotional issues.
  • 200 pages of PDF material
  • 10 hours video Rebroadcast/Replay
  • Diploma


Still don't have the Neuro magnetic pen?

Bio-Magnetic Therapy has an effect on the body's cells and helps to create balance. The blood cells and particles from the same nervous and meridian system tend to clump together. The Neuro Magnetic Pen helps to clean the CNS, Meridians, Blood and Lymphatic systems to obtain optimal flow and fantastic results with Neuro Reflexology Methods.


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