Learn Lone´s effective and natural method of Facial Reflexology Therapy for newborn, premature babies and for the mother, father and siblings

The possibilities of Cyber therapy stimulation are multiple, and the results are effective from the first session

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Mother & Baby Therapy

By Lone Sorensen

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The various benefits of CyberTherapy used in Facial Reflexology for Mother and Baby

  • It can be applied at home.
  • Everyone can be treated, no matter what age.
  • No need for medicaments.
  • No needle used.
  • It does not cause any pain.
  • The stimulation can be applied 2-4 times a day.
  • For many conditions, the pain is relieved almost immediately.
  • It has no contraindications.

Mother & Baby Therapy Course by Lone Sorensen

The recovery from labour and assuming the responsibility of taking care of the baby when the new mother barely knows how, with all the logical discomforts of the transfer, making the day of coming back home quite difficult.

It is important to rest, eat well, count with help and face the possible discouragement with calmness and patience.

Facial Reflex therapy can help.

Bringing your newborn home can be a very exciting moment, but it is also the beginning of a big change in the dynamics of your whole life.

Bringing your newborn home is a very exciting moment, but it is also the beginning of a big change in the dynamics of your whole life.

The transition from couple to family can also be challenging.

Here are some ideas to help the mother´s body and soul in this deep transformation, as well as to help the newborn baby in his/her first steps into life, that are also hard for a baby.

It is important to remember that giving birth is a physically exhausting event and emotionally full of experiences.

Imagine someone who is going through this stimulant – although exhausting- experience, add some post-labour pain, give her a new fragile life that she has to learn how to take care of with little sleep, and then combine it with a huge hormonal change.


Does it help men, too?

Although the physical and hormonal aspects of giving birth are not part of the equation for the brand new father, the emotional aspects can be very powerful.

The new dad will also have to adjust to his new responsibility. He has probably does not only witness the birth of the baby but of the suffering and pain in the effort of giving birth to his son/daughter.

The future fathers tend to give little importance to how hard it can be to see the woman they love to experience such pain and the great effort that carries labour, with little or non-capability for relieving her pain or helping her or sharing such an important task. This experience causes a lot of stress that can last some days after the birth.

Taking care of a baby is a full-time job, it means 24 hours of attendance of the needs of a little person. With a newborn at home, the mother is on guard all day.

This can be truly exhausting, physically and emotionally. With Facial Reflex therapy, you have an option to calm the baby, the mother and the father in a very natural and effective way.

Course Content 1 level

  • •Learn how to supports the body in returning to normal post labour and childbirth.
  • How supports the health of the reproductive organs (uterus, birth canal and perineum) after birth.
  • How to supports the comfort and well-being of the new mother.
  • How to Supports tissue, skin and muscle health following labour.
  • Learn how to supports digestive health and regular, soft stools post-childbirth.

  • Lectures: 2
  • Videos: 4
  • Material: 2 PDF
  • Exam: Case Study
  • Duration: 16 CE hours
  • Skill level: Mother and Baby Reflex therapy


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