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Beyond Tradition Navigating Health with Neuro Reflexology


Get a Master cetification in Neuro Reflexology

Step by Step

Give yourself a profound background that makes a massive difference in terms of fantastic results for your clients and your future.

  • 5 levels of Facial Reflexology
  • 2 levels of Neuro Foot Reflexology
  • 1 level Neuro Hand Reflexology
  • 12 Mentory Live classes with Lone Sorensen
  • 12 months webinar of “Ask Lone”
  • Free access to the personal member's area and access to replays and materials for a lifetime
  • 580 pages of downloadable teaching material
  • Individual support sessions with Lone Sorensen during the education
  • 3 days of FREE Hands-On training with Lone Sorensen
  • Tests and final exam/diploma
  • Live course How to start your business

Hello, my name is Lone Sorensen.

I am an expert in Neuro Reflexology methods of face, hands, and feet.

I help therapists achieve optimal, precise, and fast results with clients' health problems with a well-organized, step-by-step method that is easy to learn.
I have been working with Neuro Reflexology of face, hands, and feet since 1978 and teaching my methods since 1988.

The methods Lone Sorensen uses are based on different systems with scientific research behind them: Dr. Yamamoto (YNSA), Japan, and Dr. Castillo Morales, Argentina. Dr. Wong, USA. Dr. Chau, Vietnam. Maria Perez, Argentina, Dr. J. Bossy, France.

Why the full Master's program

when each education can be taken individually?

Because enrolling in the master's program offers excellent mastery advantages.

The educational program is structured into 5 parts, with each part culminating in a diploma upon successful completion.

These diplomas mark your progress and competence in the field, and the Master's level diploma is a pivotal achievement that leads to the possibility of Instructor training, where you can teach the Methods of Lone Sorensen. Through the master's program, you will have personal one-on-one time and hands-on with Lone Sorensen.

Total 226 CE hours


Facial Reflexology

5 levels

118 hours


Neuro Foot Reflexology

1 level

24 hours


Neuro Hand Reflexology

1 level

24 hours

Hands on

Neuro Reflexology

3 days

24 hours


Online LIVE mentoring

48 hours

Learn To Do Method

Do you feel a strong desire to provide your clients with the utmost quality,
which not only brings you great satisfaction but also boosts your professional confidence.

  • This online program allows you to study at your convenience, fitting your studies around your family life.
  • You'll have 24/7 lifetime access to your classes.
  • If you can't attend in-person training in Barcelona, we'll connect you with therapists nearby.
  • I offer flexible installment payment options and provide inspiring success stories from our thriving graduates.
  • As part of your education, we include a free course on How to Start Your Service/Clinic with Clients.
  • Many therapists operate cozy, practical home clinics.
  • No prior knowledge is required.
  • I offer personalized mentoring to ensure you always have guidance.
  • Our environmentally friendly therapy uses 100% natural vegan products in our global online store.
  • You can choose any person, even a family with a measurable imbalance, as your exam subject.









Master's program

In the educational Master's program

To receive your master's diploma, you must complete four phases. However, you will be awarded diplomas after each of the first three phases. These diplomas signify your successful completion of a specific segment of the master's education. The program is structured so that you'll be awarded as you progress through these parts, certifying your proficiency in the corresponding subjects and ready-to-treat clients.

1- Neuro-Facial Reflexology Therapy Diploma

The first part of the education is focused on Neuro-Facial Reflexology. To attain this diploma, you must undergo all 5 levels and successfully pass the associated examination. This diploma is your entry into the professional world, as it signifies your competence in Neuro-Facial Reflexology. With this diploma, you are qualified to begin your career in this field and provide professional services related to Neuro-Facial Reflexology.

2- Neuro-Foot Reflexology Therapy Diploma

The second part of the education is focused on neuro-foot reflexology therapy. You must complete the class and pass the associated examination to attain this diploma.

With this diploma, you are qualified to begin your career in this field and provide professional services related to Neuro-Foot Reflexology.

3- Neuro-Hand Reflexology Therapy Diploma

The third part of the education is focused on neuro-hand reflexology therapy. You must complete the class and pass the associated examination to attain this diploma.

With this diploma, you are qualified to begin your career in this field and provide professional services related to Neuro-hand Reflexology.

4-Hands-on and meetings with Lone Sorensen

You need to complete 3 days of personal training in Barcelona.

Master's Level Diploma

You will be eligible to receive a diploma once you have successfully finished all four parts of the education program. This is a significant achievement and indicates your advanced knowledge and skills in Neuro-Reflexology therapy. With this diploma, you demonstrate your expertise and gain access to further opportunities through Instructor training.

You will be able to open your clinic.

All ready after finishing the first part of the Master education in neuro-facial reflexology, you can open your clinic or be employed in a spa company to assist in health clinics, schools, nursing homes, or disability care.

Katharina is one of the many students who, just a few weeks after finishing her education in neuro-facial reflexology therapy in 2017, opened her clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our students love us

The most unique and rewarding education can be highly recommended - Lone Sorensen probably has Denmark's - if not the world's most extensive knowledge base regarding Face Reflex Therapy as she has developed it through experience with Dr Yamamoto, Dr Chau, and considerable capacities in the field! She is ready for this league.

- Jette Bondesen Lund, Nurse and Holistic therapist, Denmark

Best education within the field: I have followed Lone Sorensen for many years and have participated in two of her classes. They are simply the best of their kind! She is a unique and sincere person-my best recommendation.

- June Rosenkilde, Holistic therapist, Denmark

The Facial Reflexology education, Method Lone Sorensen, is the best education I have ever taken, and I have taken many!

- Marie Koepke, Holistic therapist, Colorado, USA

Beata Florova from London.

She was trained in Neuro Reflexology, face, and feet. Hear about her extraordinary success in combining acupuncture with Neuro Reflexology.

Clémentine YNNA from Cyprus.

She was trained in Neuro Reflexology, face, hands, and feet, and then in Temprana Reflex therapy, a Lone Sorensen home training method. She became a successful expert in Muscular dystrophy working with children.

Subject Matter Experts

Todorova Lyubomir




Ceronda Enocencio


Andrea Steinkellner


The education is

CE provided

The Courses Reflexology sorensensistemTM is approved and Co-sponsored, P00124, as a continuing education provider by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Recognized for Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and the Center for Healing Arts, NCBTMB. EEUU Approved by DDZ, Denmark. Approved by AoR, United Kingdom Approved by Federation for Holistic Therapists. (FHT)UK approved by the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRI). Approved by the Reflexology Association of Australis, The Reflexology Association of Netherland and Belgium

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