Japanese Lifting
METHOD Lone Sorensen

A natural instant effective facelift, relax and body balance - all in one treatment

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  •     Products used for treatment
  •     Clean the skin
  •     Theory and practice:
  •     Basic Step 1
  •     Basic step 2.
  •     11 Japanese therapeutic steps.
  • Use of the crystal and salt
  •     Method of Japanese Self-lifting
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Japanese Lifting

Lone Sorensen

The Original Japanese Lifting method is primarily centered around beauty-related principles.

Its fundamental goal is to provide a natural facelift by harnessing the body's innate processes and addressing imbalances contributing to facial wrinkles and lines. To execute this technique effectively, a practitioner must understand how facial wrinkles, lines, and skin/tissue issues are linked to chronic imbalances in organs or bodily functions. This knowledge enables them to restore physical functions and rebalance organs, ultimately enhancing appearance.

This is where Facial Reflexology becomes integral. A few fundamental steps from the Original Facial Reflexology method are combined with 11 muscle stimulation techniques inspired by Japanese practices to achieve the desired outcomes. These Japanese techniques primarily focus on pure muscle stimulation, promoting robust blood circulation to individual facial muscles.

By integrating the Japanese muscle technique with two steps from the Facial Reflexology method, practitioners enhance blood flow to muscles while simultaneously addressing the underlying organs or bodily functions responsible for facial wrinkles and lines.

This combination improves one's appearance and fosters overall bodily equilibrium. Moreover, the treatment offers a relaxing experience and serves as an effective anti-stress therapy, a valuable resource in the hectic lives of many individuals.

For more information about Japanese Lifting, please visit this link: [Japanese Lifting](insert link here).

The products used for Japanese Lifting consist of a blend of 100% natural vegan products and Crystal tools, making the treatment exceptionally exclusive.

  • Rejuvenate the face
  • Reduces wrinkles and lines
  • Improve skin and muscle tone
  • Refreshes skin
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Balances body functions
  • Deep relaxation
  • Detox

Course Content

  • Information about products to use.
  • How to clean the skin.
  • Theory and practice.
  • Basic Step 1.
  • Basic step 2.
  • 11 Japanese therapeutic steps.
  • Use of the crystal and salt.
  • Method of Japanese Self-lifting.


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