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Introduction to Facial Reflexology
12 hours Certificate Online Course

Original Method Lone Sorensen


Full Introduction course of Facial Reflexology

12 CE hours ONLINE

The Original Method with Lone Sorensen.

Price: 59 USD, including PDF material.

My proposals represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give you the possibility to improve your knowledge about Facial Reflexology for a fantastic price!

New treatment options and tools

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How to study with Lone Sorensen

Introduction to Facial Reflexology will provide you with some overall strategies on how to work with this method, as a single treatment or in combination with other treatment methods.

You will be given concrete methods to work with the physical and mental imbalance and pain reduction that can be used in your own practice or for your family.

The Introduction course includes:

  • Presentation of Lone Sorensen's educational background.
  • How Facial Reflexology has been developed and designed by Lone Sorensen since 1978 based on thousands of client's experiences and study of Micro-systems with Dr Yamamoto (YNSA), Japan, Dr Castillo Morales, Argentina, Dr Villagrasa, Argentina, Dr Wong, USA, Dr Chau, Vietnam, Maria Perez, Argentina, Dr J. Bossy, Frankrig.
  • The background of the Tibetan Schools of Medicine – the concept of cause and effect.
  • Overall strategies and clients' individual treatment protocols based on the reason for illness with Facial Reflexology.
  • Manual stimulation with Basic Method of Facial Reflexology.
  • Manual stimulation for Hormonal dysfunctions with Method of Facial Reflexology.
  • Manual stimulation for Emotional unbalances with the Method of Facial Reflexology.
  • Manual stimulation for Pain management with Method of Facial Reflexology.
  • Get the answer if this education is for you.

The course offers theory and manual stimulation methods.

  • PDF Course Material
  • Certificate


A general offer for therapists and others interested in complementary treatment methods.


You can study at your own pace. The course will be available in the member's area.



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