Learn how to treat women before, during and after pregnancy and to actually enjoy their gestation!

Detox And Pregnancy

For Reflex Therapy & Thermie Roll

  • 1 Level
  • Certificate course.
  • Videos and PDF material
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Do you want to offer your clients yet another amazing treatment for their health and wellbeing?

If so, get Lone Sorensen’s DETOX and Pregnancy Course and learn to apply the following to your clients:
Detox Program before pregnancy,
Maintaining treatment during pregnancy,
After labour methods

The DETOX and Pregnancy Course offers an amazing method that is very easy to learn and achieves amazing results for pregnant women and their family.

Effectively treat women

You will learn how to effectively treat women before, during and after pregnancy by applying either Facial Reflex Therapy or using the Thermie Roll Therapy!

The treatment programs for various common situations for mother and baby:


  • lack of milk production
  • breast inflammation
  • bleeding problems
  • pain
  • depression


  • Sleep rhythm problems
  • crying
  • colic
  • allergy
  • cold
  • constipation

And of course - all treatments performed

with my fantastic non-toxic INCAEARTH products.

I also have great non-toxic products for cellulite and stretch

marks - but it is obviously not necessary - because you do not

get cellulite and stretch marks when following this amazing program., aiding in longevity, and assisting those who want to succeed in their physical body and spiritual fields.

What Will You Learn In This Pregnancy Course?

You will learn how to effectively treat women before, during and after pregnancy by applying either Facial Reflex Therapy or using the Thermie Roll Therapy!

1. Detox program using Facial Reflex Therapy - administered before pregnancy in order to cleanse the body of toxins. Mother and preferably also father to be are treated by you, the therapist once a week (1-hour duration) for 5 weeks and perform self-treatment on the face at home in the intervening days, at most for 15 min. Each week during the five weeks, the focus is on a particular organ undergoing detox, in a special rhythm by the body clock.

2. Treatment Program - for those who do not get pregnant the natural way. The treatment program is composed of Facial Reflex Therapy methods, which we have already been very successful with for many years.

3. Treatment Program with Reflex Therapy - to maintain the mother's optimal health terms. A physical and mental condition during pregnancy. And prepare the body for a natural birth.

4. Prepare the father, grandmother, sister or others to help to provide natural stimulation for pain/relaxation just before and during birth with Facial Reflex Therapy.

5. After Birth Program - "get in shape after childbirth" with Facial Reflex Therapy for mother and baby. Treatment by you, the therapist or self-treatment under your guidance (trained therapist).


I have good news
I have a friend who has miscarried 2 times and she is pregnant for the third time. Now she is 15 weeks pregnant. Up to 12 weeks, she has been with me for treatment once a week, but lately - because of snow or illness - she has not been here so often. Or maybe she thinks, she is safe and does not need more treatments. Anyway she and the baby are healthy. Fertility Therapy works!

Anna from Poland

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