Depression with Tibetan Method of Neuro Reflexolology

for Children and adults

Face, Foot and Hands

Original Method Lone Sorensen


  • Certificate course
  • 3 hours Video training
  • PDF material, text and illustrations
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With Tibetan Medicine's knowledge of the Central Nervous System's connections with the meridians of Oriental medicine and, the understanding of the cooperation between the body's 4 systems, as a background for the Neuro Reflexology method of face, foot and hands, it is possible to achieve amazing results with emotional states and, with New and old trauma.

Tibetan Medicine analyzes depression in 6 states. These 6 conditions are treated differently.

  • Learn about Tibetan Medicine.
  • Learn to analyze the 6 depressive states with 3 different methods.
  • Learn how to treat 6 depressive states with Facial-Foot- and Hand Reflexology.

You might be asking yourself

What will I learn in the Course for Depression with Tibetan Method of Neuro Reflexology?

Course Content

  • The Tibetan theory of physical and mental balance of health
  • The Tibetan Philosophy of the 6 Types of Depression.
  • Tibetan medicine concept of the Central Nervous System and relationship with Chinese concepts on meridians.

  • Combination of 3 analysis methods.
  • How can Tibetan Medicine be transferred to manual therapy with Face, Foot and Hand Reflexology for depression for children and adults?
  • Manual methods of face, hand and feet Reflexology.

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