Cosmo Facial Reflex Therapy

The application of Facial Reflexology with aesthetic aims is a good example of the use of complementary therapy for Aesthetics.

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The application of Facial Reflexology with aesthetic aims is a good example of the use of complementary therapy for Aesthetics.

By stimulating the points and zones in the face to treat acne or other dysfunctions, apart from a beneficial action over health disorders, it is possible to achieve remarkable results all over the face.

Do you want to offer your clients yet another amazing treatment for their health?

If so, learn Lone Sorensen’s Cosmo Facial Reflex Therapy method and how to get amazing results for customers with almost any health issues and also improve their overall wellbeing! You will exactly know how to treat each client for their individual needs and state of being.

You might be asking yourself

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Course Content

Module 1

  • Guidance on Cosmofacial concept.
  • How to treat Aesthetics with Facial Reflexology.
  • The consequences on the face due to disorders in the body.
  • Visual diagnosis/products choice.
  • The 7 basic steps used in Aesthetics.
  • Coordination of muscular treatment.
  • Use and guidance on the products used in the treatment.
  • Coordination of oriental anti-wrinkle points.
  • Practice.

Module 2

  • Guidance on the skinning process from the 5 elements point of view.
  • Oriental medicine.
  • Use of the neurological points for skin disorders.
  • Visual diagnose of hormonal dysfunctions.
  • Custom-made creams for hormonal disorders with Schussler salts and Bach flowers.
  • Guidance on the use of aroma in Facial Reflexology.
  • Tailored diet by visual diagnose of the face.
  • Practice.

And much more...

This is an innovative therapy

This is an innovative therapy of complete action over the face skin, of which properties can invert the ageing process. A unique holistic methodology called COSMOFACIAL due to the connection of the human being with the energetic body, based on 28 years of experience of Lone Sorensen working on the face with Facial Reflexology.

After directly stimulating muscles and sinew, this revolutionary therapy recovers the tone of the face in a very effective way, by a 100% pure and natural treatment.

The objective of COSMOFACIAL is to make an initial diagnosis in the face through Facial Reflexology and a visual diagnose; with these two we are able to search the cause of imbalance. Based on this, we plan a complete program of stimulation of points, zones, meridians, muscles and plexus, working the entire body to BALANCE the natural flow of the energy and support the self-healing system of the own body, by using as supplements pure and natural products like Rose Hip, Flower therapy and cell salts.

The course is completed after submitting the exam to us – 1 case study of 10 treatments – described in Word document and sent to the International Reflexology School Lone sorensen in Barcelona. After passing the exam a diploma will be issued to you.

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